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Bed Bugs


Treating for bed bugs is extremely difficult and is one of the few services we always recommend being left to the professionals. Even the most seasoned “do it yourselfer” will probably require the help of a professional.  Bed bugs move from one location to another by traveling, and sometimes “clinging” on to your clothing, luggage, shoes, and furniture items.  They are slow crawlers but can easily travel between floors and rooms in your home, apartments, dorm rooms, and hotels.  Because bed bugs can lay dormant without a host for several months, eradicating your home of these blood suckers involves proper preparation of your home before an initial treatment, and will most likely involve multiple treatments.  

Think you might have Bed Bugs? Call us! 

The pros at Bug Master have been removing bed bugs from homes for over 40+ years!

If you see any signs of bed bugs or have any bite marks, call us and we can help! We can walk you through how to look for bed bugs if you suspect any, and quickly come out to your home and eliminate them, making your home safe again!


Telltale signs of bedbugs

-Blood stained bedding, furniture, walls/baseboards near bed areas

-Bite marks on your skin which usually 

appears in a line or in clusters

-Black dirt flecks in seams of mattress or furniture


Helpful Prevention Tips


-Check all bedding periodically for

any of the above signs

-When traveling, leave your luggage outside in the sun for a few hours prior to bringing inside

-Be cautious about bringing used furniture into your home, especially upholstered furniture. If you don't know where the items have come from, there may be a reason that it was being given away!

-Thoroughly inspect all new furniture as well

-Keep your home free of clutter. Bed bugs love hiding spots!

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